Frank Egan

Entrepreneur / Developer

Frank Egan

Entrepreneur / Developer

Hi, I'm Frank Egan!

Entrepreneur / Developer

An accomplished software developer and recently turned entrepreneur with over seventeen years commercial experience in application development, working primarily within the Life & Pensions, Financial and Banking industries. Currently working on Calcfox, a FinTech startup.



Dublin, Ireland



+353 83 331 6970

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Work Experience


Founder/Lead Architect - Jun 2013 - Present

Calcfox is designed for enterprise financial professionals who commit large resources to developing calculation systems. Our platform provides the ability to create back-end calculation applications by defining such in simple mathematical terms. Calcfox autonomously codes, builds and publishes these calculation systems in real time. It reduces cost, rapidly improves time to market, and is highly flexible via our API focus.

PSI Mobile

Technical Lead - January 2015 - Present

PSI Mobile was founded in 2004 with a specific focus on delivering best in class Mobile Activity Management solutions. The Fusion Platform allows users to rapidly build and deploy data gathering applications.


Interim Chief Technical Officer - July 2015 - September 2015

We are challenging the norm by allowing policyholders to take back control over their insurance decisions. WeSavvy gives you the ability to make smarter insurance choices with real-time data. We have found that a simple and quick benchmark can save you money.


Senior Software Developer - May 2004 - Jun 2013

Development of IllustratePlus, a Life & Pensions Illustrations solution and associated products/tools. Illustrate Plus is a highly flexible, scalable illustration and quotation system that supports new and existing business across all products supporting Life, Pensions, Wealth Management, Group and Individual Business. Clients included MGM, Capita, MetLife and ASR/Falcon Leven.


Software Developer - Oct 2000 - Aug 2002

Worked on the development of a life and pensions solution for the life and pensions industry, incorporating integrated CRM, workflow automation and contract management. Client: RoyalNetherland.

Sungard Consulting

Software Developer - Feb 2000 - Oct 2000

Worked on the development and remediation of a Relationship Management System (RMS) and Personal Cheque Book Ordering System, amongst other systems, for Bank Of Ireland. Note: The company was Delphi Software Ltd (Stillorgan, Dublin) but is now part of the Sungard group.


Software Developer - Jun 1998 - Feb 2000

Y2K compliance and testing plus associated remedial or adaptive maintenance and development. Clients included Unicare, CSX - Railroad and BCBSN. Note: Previously the company was named Data Dimensions, and had offices in Galway/Castlebar.



Hothouse New Frontiers Programme (6 Month Course) - Graduation June 2014

The New Frontiers Programme is an Enterprise Ireland initiative aimed at supporting the establishment and growth of technology or knowledge intensive ventures that have the potential to trade internationally and create employment in Ireland.


Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (3 Year Course) - Graduation May 1998

Attained a diploma in software development.


Business & Software

Interested in coding, user experience design, APIs, Lean, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Science & Technology

A passionate reader of all things science and technology.


Animal lover, classic car fan (mini owner), movies and music.


“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Oscar Wilde